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Homeland Stories

Presenting readings to engage young people in remembering the history of those who fought and died for Canada and those who supported their efforts at home and in Allied countries. We have kept a firm focus on veterans and veterans continue to be a vital resource in coming to understand what people went through in the troubled times when democracy was threatened.

By taking the readings into the homeland, we saw that there were many smaller, quieter yet significant efforts that underlay Canada’s contributions to the Allied victory. We have not forgotten veterans. They are in the lessons as the Veterans Guards who supervised over 40,000 prisoners of war in Canada, as the trainees and teachers in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, as the Canadian Navy and Air Force personnel engaged in the Battle of the St. Lawrence, as the performers in Army, Navy and Air Force shows.

We have, however, emphasized the young people, women and seniors who through their volunteer services, sacrifices and support made all the difference. Through this emphasis we hope to show young people that much was accomplished by lending a hand—and much may still be accomplished today by lending a hand.



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A.J. Paul LaPrairie: Engineering Student, Ajax Campus

When the boys (and girls) come home

The Reading and Remembrance project is commemorative in nature and promotes remembrance in Canada

Free on-line resource for Remembrance Day, Veterans' Week, Women’s History Month and Character Education.
Lessons emphasize reading, diversity, equity, and research into local history and are a boon to school librarians, teachers and supply teachers seeking Canadian-based, high-interest stimulus materials that supplement curricula in English, Civics, History, Music, Visual and Dramatic Arts, Law and Family Studies.

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History MattersHistory Matters:
1812 - 2012

Reading and Remembrance covers 200 years of Canadian history, thanks to the War of 1812-14, its inspiration. Although the lessons tie days of yore to today’s media-savvy youth, we’ve not forgotten our current veterans.

Women and Warwomen and War

Women and War lessons on female spies, war artists, pilots, munitions workers, nurses, decoders, and postal workers who made history. Lesson on Silver Cross mothers and wives in Medals and Memories. IODE lesson and War Brides lesson in Homeland Stories.

New Minute added for Women's History Month about The persistence of Doris.



Jennie Trout ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYOFVRz869s

Laura Secord ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1nFOAp5KCw

Agnes Macphail ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ALgilFMkug

New Minutes added ~
when every body counts: the story of Albert Madder

The Persistence of Doris: Doris Madder

National Day of Honour

“National Day of Honour”

The Government of Canada is committed to commemorating the strength and the sacrifices made by members of the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan, and to recognizing and supporting the friends and families of the fallen. In recognition and commemoration of Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan, May 9, 2014 has been declared a “National Day of Honour” by Royal Proclamation.

Peacekeeping and PeacemakingPeacekeeping and Peacemaking

The 10 lessons and 20 Minutes commemorate individual peacekeepers serving in the Armed Forces with the UN and NATO and Canadians who help preserve global peace and protect fundamental human rights; they include those who made the ultimate sacrifice. There are 30 entry points to engage young people in Remembrance. The diverse materials encourage a broad reach for young Canadians. From NORAD tracking Santa and Izzy dolls to the new Book of Remembrance, females in peacekeeping and a Minutes Page for Black History Month, young people will have much to stimulate interest in Canadian history, critical thinking and the role of Remembrance as a Canadian value.

Ontario Historical Society ~ October 2010 OHS Bulletin page 1

Letter from an Ottawa area student receiving
the Reading and Remembrance Award

I would like to thank the sponsor of the Reading and Remembrance Award, which I won at the Ottawa Regional Historica Fair. My project was on the Hadley-Page Halifax, a british heavy bomber used during WW2, which was heavily used by Canadians. I focused on the Halifax's influence in the war and also on the restoration of NA337, the world's only fully restored Halifax. NA337 is displayed in Trenton at the RCAF memorial museum, and it is because of my grandfather's involvement with the museum that I grew atached to the Halifax, which sparked my interest to do the project.

Once again, thank you for sponsoring this award, as it means a lot to me to recieve it.

Thank you,

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Promotional Reach of Reading and Remembrance
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Black History Month
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Promotional Reach of Reading and Remembrance
Promotional Reach of Reading and Remembrance
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